Islandora is a completely free open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage and discover digital assets using a best practice framework.  Islandora is implemented and supported by an ever-growing international community.

Built on a base of Drupal, Fedora, and Solr, Islandora's flexibility empowers users to work with a huge variety of data types (such as image, video, and pdf) and knowledge domains (such as Chemistry and the Digital Humanities) and provides integration with additional viewers, editors, and data processing applications.

Islandora has out-of-the-box support for:
Any Digital File Type
Batch Ingest and Migrations
Faceted Searching
Flexible Metadata
Flexible Storage
JSON-LD Serialization
Linked Data
Multilingual Content and Interface
Usage Statistics

Additionally, you can extend Islandora using any of the hundreds of modules built by the Drupal community.

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The Islandora Foundation

The Islandora Foundation is a federally incorporated, community-driven soliciting non-profit operating under Corporation Number 848647-6. Our mission is to steward the Islandora software platform and the community that develops and supports it.


Islandora and all of its components are completely free to use.

Get Started

Try out Islandora, browse our documentation, and download the version that best suits your needs.


Participate in Islandora events and user groups to expand your skills and share your experience. Connect with new partners and colleagues.


Take an active role in our open source community and help to make Islandora even better.


From user documentation and community support to trusted vendors, we have the resources to help you make the most of Islandora.

Islandora Announces New Releases

We are pleased to announce the release of Islandora 12.2.0 for Drupal 6 and a beta release of Islandora for Drupal 7!

You can check out the release notes and download all available modules for Drupal 6 here and Drupal 7 here.

Islandora 7 Code Sprint

Fellow Islandorians:

Spring is here and summer's coming and that means things are blossoming and heating up development-wise within the Islandora community.

During the last two weeks of May a team of developers, testers, and technical writers will be gathering at the University of Prince Edward Island for an Islandora/Drupal 7 code sprint.

What does this means to the Islandora community? A few things:

Islandora 12.1.0 Has Been Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Islandora 12.1.0! Islandora 12.1.0 features a beta version of the new Video Solution Pack, along with improvements to the Collection Manager, Harvester, and Solr modules. A number of bugs have also been fixed in this new version.