Documentation Sprint Wrapup

Thanks again to everyone involved for another successful community sprint. During those two weeks, we reviewed all of our existing documentation and added quite a few new pages to support the new features we've picked up since 1.0.0 was released. You can see it all at

Upcoming Webinar: Islandora 8 at UNLV

We will be kicking off 2020 with another Islandora 8 webinar showcasing a pilot site. One of the earliest adopters of Islandora 8, and an integral part of its development so far, the University of Nevada Las Vegas will join us on January 21, 2020 to showcase the results of their migration. They will discuss why they chose to go with Islandora 8 back in early 2018, what they have learned so far, and what's coming next for UNLV.

Registration is free. Sign up now.

Use-a-Thon Dividends: Islandora + Alexa

We're taking another look back at Islandoracon this week, to highlight another one of the amazing projects that came from our Islandora 8 Use-a-Thon.

7.x to CLAW Migration Sprint - Complete!

The Islandora community has just wrapped up a very successful sprint dedicated to migrating from 7.x to Islandora CLAW. We at the Islandora Foundation want to give a big thanks to everyone who put in time during this sprint, as well as the organizations who lent us their talent on the company dime. We also want to give a special shout out to the Metadata Interest Group, who collectively put in a ton of time and tackled some intense questions for those who want to use a migration to Islandora CLAW as a chance to do metadata cleanup.

New Member: Amherst College

The Islandora Foundation is very pleased to welcome our newest member: Amherst College. Currently the owners of a custom Fedora 3 digital collection (ACDC), the team at Amherst College are explorers on the bleeding edge of Islandora, working with Islandora CLAW and Fedora 4.

Islandora Foundation: Individual Members

Did you know you can be a member of the Islandora Foundation as an individual?

The Islandora Foundation is a federally incorporated, community-driven soliciting non-profit incorporated in Canada. Basically, our funding comes from our members. That funding pays for things like the salaries of our two employees, Islandora events such as Camps and Islandoracon, and other efforts to support development of Islandora and the Islandora community. Most of our revenue comes from our institutional members, who participate in the Islandora Foundation as Partners ($10,000CAD/year), Collaborators ($4000CAD/year), or Members ($2000CAD/year), but we are also very proud to have the support of several Individual Members, who have joined with their own money to show their personal support for the project. Altogether, this group fund the Foundation for more than $2000, making them the equivalent of a Member.

We offer some small perks, like hats and discounts on events, and leave it to the individual to decide the amount that they would like to donate. If you're interested in joining our list of Individual Members, you can check out the details and make a donation here.