More Long Tail Modules

Last week I highlighted a set of five Islandora modules that are outside of our standard release but still quite useful in different contexts. It was far from a comprehensive list. This week we’re revisiting the long tail of Islandora with five more tools you might not know are out there:

Dispatches from the user list: Limit Solr search to collection descendants

The Islandora dev and user listservs are an active source of news and support for Islandora. Whatever your issue, there is a good chance that someone out there has either encountered it or has an idea of how to fix it - and that they will be happy to share those solutions.

Back in May, a member of the Islandora community brought an interesting problem to the users list on Google Groups. She had a number of book collections and wanted the ability to limit Solr searching to a single collection at a time.

Islandora Minute: Apache Solr

When first coming to discoverygarden, I was overwhelmed with a number of acronyms and terms that instantly flew over my business-minded head. One term that I often heard was Solr, which in my mind was spelt “solar” making it difficult to find on the internet and learn about on my own time. After some more thorough research and digging I came to find that what Solr does is something that I had been taking for granted for the better part of my life.

Islandora uses Apache Solr as its search engine. Solr is an open source enterprise search engine and is a part of the Apache Lucene project. Lucene itself began in 1999 and became part of the Apache Software Foundation’s family in 2001. Solr came along in 2004 as an internal search engine at CNET Networks which later donated the source code to Apache.


How to Configure Solr

This tutorial covers how to configure Solr in Islandora 7.