7.x to CLAW Migration Sprint - Complete!

The Islandora community has just wrapped up a very successful sprint dedicated to migrating from 7.x to Islandora CLAW. We at the Islandora Foundation want to give a big thanks to everyone who put in time during this sprint, as well as the organizations who lent us their talent on the company dime. We also want to give a special shout out to the Metadata Interest Group, who collectively put in a ton of time and tackled some intense questions for those who want to use a migration to Islandora CLAW as a chance to do metadata cleanup.

Community Contributor Kudos: Rosemary Le Faive

If you're a Twitter watcher, you may have noticed some links flying around over the past few weeks highlighting the collections and tools available through the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) and their shiny new repo. The library trained, self-taught Islandora wizard behind that repository is Rosemary Le Faive, and she is our latest subject for Community Contributor Kudos. Rosie is a Content Management Specialist with the CEC.

Guest Blog: Innisfil Public Library

This week we have a special treat in the islandora Blog: a guest post from the Islandora wizards at the Innisfil Public Library. Dan Lerch and Kathryn Schoutsen are Islandora Camp veterans who presented at Islandora Camp PEI in 2012. Together with Historical Collections Assistant Kate Zubczyk, they decided to share the story of their experience with Islandora and how they have used it to serve their collections and their community.

Community Contributor Kudos: Giancarlo Birello

Last month we wrote a little love letter for Nick Ruest and his many contributions to the Islandora community. This month we are hopping across the Atlantic to do another “CCK” (sorry) and talk about the work being done by Giancarlo Birello.

Giancarlo is the System and Network Manager at the CNR-Ceris IT Office, which serves about 400 users and provides help-desk and network services for research teams. With Giancarlo, they have deployed IPv6 protocol along local networks and a storage service based on a full open source solution and a virtualized infrastructure built on KVM open source software. He also serves as the regional reference for CNR network in Piedmont and Access Point Manager for GARR, the Italian member of Terena - the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.

Community Contributors We Know & Love: The Nick Ruest Edition

If you're landing on this post, then you probably already know the strengths and challenges of an open-source approach to software development. With Islandora, we strive to maximize the strengths, and meet the challenges. But, let's face it - any open-source project can only ever be as good as its contributors.