Sharing the Fedora Conferences Page

For quite some time now, the Fedora community has maintained a public list of conferences that community members want to attend, particularly those that will have Fedora-related content or workshops (including Islandora and Samvera):
The Islandora Coordinating Committee recently took up a discussion about whether the Islandora community could benefit from such a list, and landed on the idea that rather than duplicating what Fedora has been doing so well, we'd all benefit from collaborating and making more use of the same list.
To that end, the Fedora list has added and edited a few fields to make things more general, including a new column to briefly describe the conference/event so that newcomers can quickly review what's relevant for them, and a column for linking to individual sessions or workshops at an event that are relevant for Fedora/Islandora/Samvera.
The page is run wiki-style, so anyone who would like to add or edit an event is welcome to go ahead and make changes. All you need is a Duraspace account. You are also welcome to send your list entries/updates to me, and I'll make the changes for you.