ISLE Sprint: November 2nd to 13th

Have you seen ISLE for Islandora 8 yet?  It's Islandora on Docker and it's crazy fast.  It's a much better overall experience for intstalling and maintaining Islandora.  And best of all, ISLE has recently transitioned into a full community project!  What started as a Islandora Collaboration Group and Born Digital project is now officially under the umbrella of the Islandora Foundation. To ensure it gets the open source love it needs to really take off, we're proposing something we've never done before: quarterly sprints. ISLE already has so much momentum with an active interest group and contributors that we think this is sustainable moving forward.

ISLE is such an amazing facet of Islandora.  It lowers the overall barrier to entry by making installation and maintenance much smoother. What used to take 45 minutes to an hour and was subject to random fails now takes about 5 to 10 minutes and is much more stable.  After the initial build, making changes generally takes seconds because ISLE uses Docker's amazing buildkit feature, which dramatically speeds up the process using aggressive caching.  Oh, and did we mention it also works on Windows? But ISLE is still relatively new for Islandora 8, and it needs a little work... and a lot of documentation.

That's why we're asking all you developers, documenters, and users out there to help us out!  Even if you have no experience with Docker, just trying it out and letting us know what you think is helpful.  From November 2nd to the 13th, we'll be documenting, testing, and hacking on ISLE or Islandora 8.  If you're interested in joining us, please sign up here.  Commit to as much or as little as you like.

If you'd like to help organize the sprint, we're also holding a sprint planning meeting the week before to get ready.  Please fill out this doodle poll if you are interested.  We'll close the poll on October 23rd.

We hope to see you there. And if Docker isn't your thing, don't worry, we're lining up a bunch more community sprints around everything from Drupal 9 to embargoes to migration tools and batch ingesting.  And of course, there's always plenty of work to do on documentation. We'll be making more announcements in the coming weeks.