Islandora/Fedora Camp in Arizona - Instructors Announced!

The first Islandora event of 2020 will also be our first joint event with Fedora! From February 24 - 26, we will be partnering with LYRASIS and hosted by Arizona State University to bring you a three day camp packed with the latest in both Islandora and Fedora. Registration is now open!

Our focus will be on the latest versions of each, so this is an excellent opportunity to learn all about Islandora 8 and get some hands-on experience. The camp will be led by a group of experienced instructors with expertise spanning the front-end and code base of both platforms:

Melissa Anez has been working with Islandora since 2012 and has been the Community and Project Manager of the Islandora Foundation since it was founded in 2013. She has been a frequent instructor in the Admin Track and developed much of the curriculum, refining it with each new Camp. Lately she has been enjoying the challenge of fitting two versions of Islandora into a single day of workshops!

Danny Lamb has his B.Sc. in Mathematics and has been programming since before he could drive. He is currently serving as the Islandora Foundation's Technical Lead, and hopes to promote a collaborative and respectful environment where constructive criticism is encourage and accepted. He is married with two children, and lives on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. If he had free time, he'd be spending it in front of his kamado style grill.

Bethany Seeger is a software developer in the library at Amherst College, a liberal arts college in Massachusetts. She’s a Fedora committer, and also is the lead committer and release manager of the ISLandora Enterprise (ISLE) project. She was an instructor at Fedora Camp in Austin, TX, and co-led the ISLE workshop at Islandoracon 2019. Bethany has lurked in the Islandora community for a while watching Islandora 8 develop; during this time, she’s installed Islandora 7 (manually, and then using ISLE) and Islandora 8 (using Ansible). Currently she is working on migrating a custom Fedora 3 repository to Islandora 7 (using ISLE) with the hopes of adopting Islandora 8 in the very near future. Bethany enjoys explaining complicated processes in plain English.

Seth Shaw jumped directly into developing with Islandora 8, and became a committer in 2018. He developed the Controlled Access Terms module and an ArchivesSpace integration module. He has been teaching workshops for over a decade but this will be his first Islandora Camp. His day job is as an Application Developer for Special Collections at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

David Wilcox is the Product Manager for Fedora at LYRASIS. He has been working with the Fedora and Islandora communities since 2011. David organizes camps and workshops for Fedora, where he is also frequently an instructor. The Arizona camp will be the first to feature both Fedora and Islandora, and he is excited for the opportunity to bring this new, combined camp to the community.