Islandora Technical Advisory Group (TAG) First Meeting

Just wanted everyone to know that Islandora's Technical Advisory Group had it's first meeting to discuss PHP 5.3.3 given that we have had problems with Travis around it recently.  Fortunately, Travis has merged in changes to address the issue. Community member Jonathan Green deserves big thanks for filing it!

Just as a heads up, Travis has recently announced that it will no longer be servicing the Ubuntu distribution we use to run tests against PHP 5.3.  This doesn't mean it's no longer available, just that fixes to it are unlikely to be prioritized and there's really no guarantees. So we got lucky this time. In case we're not so lucky next time, there's ways to continue running tests against PHP 5.3.3, they just involved some work. Hopefully PHP 5.3.3 will remain a large enough need that those who use it will take on the work load to keep things going. However, in the event that there's no one willing or able to take on the work, the TAG has come up with a back up plan. In order to maintain limited support and guarantee nothing new will be introduced that breaks compatibility, the codebase's syntax will still be checked for PHP 5.3.3 even if the tests can't be run.

The full notes on the meeting are here. And for the record, all agendas and notes are publicly available at the Islandora Github wiki alongside the Coordinating Committee's. For future meetings, I'll be announcing the agendas a day or so before we meet. And if you have an issue you want tackled by the TAG, you can always bring it up at a Committer's call or just message me directly.