Islandora 7.x-1.13 Release Now Available

Originally posted by Release Manager Jared Whiklo:

Hi all,

7.x-1.13 is complete.

This was my first time as a release manager and it was a smooth and easy process thanks (I'm confident) to the work of all the previous release managers, so a thank you to all of them.

Thank you to all the Auditors, Documentors, Testers and Component Managers. Without all of you Islandora would not be made.

A big thank you to Janice Banser (Auditing Manager), Caroyln Moritz (Testing Manager) and Don Richards (Documentation Manager). Your continuing hard work and support of the release process makes the release manager job much more enjoyable.

The Islandora 7.x-1.13 release contains 4 new features, 22 improvements, and 18 bug fixes.

You can find a full list of the above tickets on the Release Notes.

The Release Notes also contains links to the release branches/tags for all the associated Islandora repositories.

Please remember to avoid mixing versions of Islandora modules to ensure compatibility.

Finally, make sure to thank/buy a coffee for/hug your local release helper. Without all of them, the job of Release Manager suddenly becomes completely irrelevant.

  • Adam Vessey
  • Andrija Sagic
  • Bayard Miller
  • Ben Companjen
  • Brandon Weigel
  • Brian Harrington
  • Bryan Brown
  • Caleb Derven
  • Carolyn Moritz
  • Danny Lamb
  • Derek Merleaux
  • Devin Soper
  • Diego Pino
  • Don Richards
  • Donnie Hardin
  • Gavin Morris
  • Janice Banser
  • Johanna Vessey
  • Jonathan Green
  • Jordan Dukart
  • Keila Zayas Ruiz
  • Mark Jordan
  • Martha Tenney
  • Matthew Miguez
  • Melissa Anez
  • Nat Kanthan
  • Nelson Hart
  • Noah Smith
  • Pat Dunlavey
  • Paul Cummins
  • Paul Trilsbeek
  • Sarah Lippincott
  • Scott Ziegler
  • Shayne Walker
  • William Panting

See you at IslandoraCon 2019 Vancouver!