Documentation Sprint Wrapup

Thanks again to everyone involved for another successful community sprint. During those two weeks, we reviewed all of our existing documentation and added quite a few new pages to support the new features we've picked up since 1.0.0 was released. You can see it all at

Updated Documentation

  • Summary
  • User Documentation
    • Nodes
    • Media
    • Make an Image
    • Collections
    • Metadata
    • Content Types
    • Blocks
    • Usage Stats
  • Developer Documentation
    • Installing Modules
    • Version Policy
  • REST Documentation
    • GET
    • POST / PUT
  • Migration
    • CSV
  • Contributing
    • How to Contribute
    • Committers

New Documentation

  • Paged Content
  • IIIF
  • Installing Features in Karaf
  • Creating Resource Nodes
  • Glossary
  • Extending Islandora
  • Versioning

Manual Install Docs

One particularly awesome contribution that we received during the Sprint was manual install docs from Daniel Aitken at discoverygarden. It is the last remaining unmerged piece of the sprint, which is unfortunate because we'd really love to have these docs. If anyone out there has the time to follow all the steps and build a box by hand, we'd really love to have your feedback so we can publish these as soon as possible.

Continuous Integration

We've integrated our documentation workflow using TravisCI and are now deploying the documentation to every time mardown is merged into master.  This means we'll always have up to date documentation available for the latest features!


We at the Islandora Foundation would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated during the sprint.  Because of continuing contributions like yours, we can continue to provide high quality free and open source software. 

  • Daniel Aitken - discovergarden
  • Janice Banser - Simon Fraser University Library
  • Caleb Derven - University of Limerick
  • Mark Jordan - Simon Fraser University Library
  • Rosie Le Faive - University of Prince Edward Island
  • Wilhelmina Randtke - Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative
  • Don Richards - University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • Seth Shaw - University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Ian Song - Simon Fraser University Library
  • Yamil Suarez - Berklee College
  • Jared Whiklo - University of Manitoba
  • Eli Zoller - Arizona State University