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Islandora 8 v1.1.0 Now Available!

The Islandora Foundation is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Islandora 8 version 1.1.0!  After the last release, we polled the community for the most wanted features for Islandora 8.  This release adds several of the most requested features and enhancements from the polling results:

  • Paged Content

    • Order sequences of content using a weight field
    • Generate IIIF manifests for presenting paged content
    • View paged content with the Openseadragon viewer
  • Extracted Text

    • Extract text from both TIFFs and PDFs
    • Extracted text can be indexed in Solr
  • FITS Derivatives

    • FITS XML is generated for new file uploads
  • Versioning

    • Drupal revisions create Memento versions in Fedora
  • OAI-PMH Endpoint

    • Configurable using views
  • Better Search / Discovery

    • Default configuration for search indexing
    • Default configuration for faceting


If you would like to try Islandora 8 v1.1.0 for yourself, we have three options for you:

  1. A sandbox of v1.1.0 is available to play with at
  2. A virtualbox VM is available for download here.
  3. You can install a development or production environment using our Ansible playbook, which has a corresponding 1.1.0 release.

If you are already running Islandora 8 v1.0.0, an example script for updating to 1.1.0 can be found here.


This software is made possible by volunteer contributions from community members and organizations.  The fact that this many major features have all been developed and contributed on a voluntary basis shows just how talented, amazing, and dedicated our community is!  We truly could not do this without you.  We’d like to thank each and every one of the people who have helped us deliver this software:  


  • Aaron Birkland
  • Alan Stanley
  • Alex Kent
  • Alexander O’Neill
  • Bethany Seeger
  • Caleb Derven
  • Charlie Tillay
  • Daniel Aitken
  • Danny Bernstein
  • David Keiser-Clark
  • Debbie Flitner
  • Don Richards
  • Eli Zoller
  • Gavin Morris
  • Ian Song
  • Janice Banser
  • Jared Whiklo
  • Jeff Rubin
  • Joe Corall
  • Jonathan Hunt
  • Mark Jordan
  • Melissa Anez
  • Mike Bolam
  • Minnie Rangel
  • Nat Kanthan
  • Rosie Le Faive
  • Samantha Miker
  • Seth Shaw
  • Wilhelmina Randtke
  • William Matheson
  • Willow Gillingham
  • Yamil Suarez

The Islandora Foundation joins the Drupal Association

The Islandora Foundation has joined the Drupal Supporting Partner Program. The Drupal association has been fairly candid about the impact that losing Drupalcon and other live events is having on their operating budget (see this announcement), and we want to do our part to help.  

Drupal is the backbone of Islandora, and our community has benefited immeasurably from the work of the larger Drupal community. We would like to encourage our users to consider joining us in supporting the Drupal Association, as individual members. For the rest of this month, your contribution can have extra impact, as individual donations/memberships are being matched 3:1 by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert and his spouse Vanessa Buytaert, and a coalition of Drupal business, through the end of April:

Drupal Association Badge

A message for our community in light of COVID-19

In light of the unprecedented times that we’re all going through, we wanted to share some information and resources for the Islandora community. The Islandora Foundation itself has always been a virtual office, with both employees working from home and all meetings taking place online, so we’ve been very fortunate in being able to continue with the business of Islandora more or less as we always have. Much of our community, however, has made this transition very recently and very suddenly. 

Isolation keeps us and our communities healthy, but it’s... isolating. We’d like to help our community to feel a little more connected, in whatever small ways we can. We’re leaving space at the start of our community meetings for folks to check in and chat. The door is also open in Islandora Slack, including a #watercooler channel if you just want to share. If you’re working from home and finding gaps in your day from paused projects or other work that can’t be done right now, we’d be happy to help you fill those gaps with open source engagement or learning opportunities:

Islandoracon 2021 - Seeking Expressions of Interest

The Islandora Foundation is seeking Expressions of Interest to host the 2021 Islandora Conference (Islandoracon). 

This will be the fourth iteration of our community’s largest gathering. Previous Islandoracon locations include:


  • 2015: University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PE
  • 2017: MacMaster University, Hamilton, ON
  • 2019: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC


Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2020



  • The host must cover the cost of the venue (whether by offering your own space or paying the rent on a venue). All other costs (transportation, catering, supplies, etc) will be covered by the Islandora Foundation. The venue must have:

    • Space for up to 150 attendees total, with room for at least two simultaneous tracks, and additional pre-conference workshop facilities, with appropriate A/V equipment. Laptop-friendly seating a requirement.

    • On-site quiet room or sensory friendly room (a small room away from the bustle of the conference) for attendee use.

    • Provides wireless internet capable of supporting 150+ simultaneous connections, at no extra charge for conference attendees.

    • A location convenient to an airport and hotels (or other accommodations, such as student housing)

    • A local planning committee willing to help with organization

    • A location that is accessible and inclusive. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

      • Available gender neutral or trans-friendly bathrooms.

      • Available accessible and/or family bathrooms. 

      • Catering options that can accommodate different dietary needs.

      • Rooms and entrances that are accessible for those with limited mobility

  • The host is not responsible for developing the Islandoracon program, pre-conference events, sponsorships, or social events.


The EOI must include:


  • The name of the institution(s)

  • Primary contact (with email)

  • Proposed location, with a brief description of amenities, travel, and other considerations that would make it a good location for the conference.

  • A proposed time of year. We do not have a fixed schedule, so if there is a season when your venue is particularly attractive, the conference dates can move accordingly.


The location will be selected by Islandora staff in consultation with the Islandora Coordinating Committee.

The Islandora Foundation is committed to being a welcoming and inclusive space for our entire community. As such, Islandoracon will not be held in a location where local laws may be in conflict with our Code of Conduct.

New Committer: Eli Zoller

The Islandora 8 committers have nominated and approved Eli Zoller to join the crew, and we are pleased to announced that he has accepted!

Eli is a recent newcomer to Islandora, but in his short tenure has managed to provide the upcoming versioning features in Islandora 8 v1.1.0. While working for Arizona State University, he has engaged the project in countless ways. Bug reporting, bug fixing, testing, documentation... you name it. He's even got a PR out there for the Mirador viewer :)

We are very lucky to have him focusing his intellect on Islandora 8, and we are very happy to have him joining the project in this new capacity. Further details of the rights and responsibilities of being a Islandora committer can be found here.

New Islandora 8 Committer: Alan Stanley

The Islandora 8 committers have asked Alan Stanley to join their ranks and we are pleased to announced that he has accepted. 

Alan has a long history with Islandora, as a developer, instructor, mentor, and all-around great member of our community. Alan's recent contributions to Islandora 8 include support for ORCID integration, OCR text extraction, and FITS metadata — and stay tuned for some upcoming improvements to content modeling, courtesy of Alan's work at UPEI.

We are extremely grateful for all of the time and effort that Alan has put into Islandora 8, and we couldn't be more excited to have him on board!

Further details of the rights and responsibilities of being a Islandora committer can be found here:

Islandora Camp is Going Back to PEI

Our second Islandora event for 2020 will take Islandora home to where it was born: The University of Prince Edward Island, in beautiful Charlottetown PE. Come join us to learn all about Islandora, network with your community, and maybe tack on a few days to explore one of Canada's most beautiful destinations.

The camp will run from July 20 - 22, following the usual Islandora Camp format with one day of general sessions, a day of hands-on training workshops with tracks for front-end users and developers, and a day of sessions from the community. We hope to see you there!

Camp Information Page

New Member: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Islandora Foundation could not be more happy to welcome our newest member-supporter: The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. One of the earliest adopters of Islandora 8, and a vital supporter who helped to built the platform they are moving to, UNLV has made a huge impact on the Islandora community since they first engaged in 2018. 

We hope you will attend later this month on January 21 when UNLV joins our webinar series to give you a tour of the amazing things they're doing with Islandora 8. Register now for free.