Islandora is an open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage, and discover digital assets using a best-practices framework.  Islandora was originally developed by the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library, but is now implemented and contributed to by an ever-growing international community.

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What does Open Source mean for dgi?

5 years 11 months

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Many times when first talking to someone who is interested in Islandora I get the question “But what’s the difference between the Islandora Project and dgi?” I completely understand where this question comes from. We are located in the same city, have numerous employees who have worked for both the project and for discoverygarden, and we tend to talk about Islandora as if it’s ours at dgi. I think that we tend to talk about Islandora as if it’s ours because it becomes everyone’s project as soon as they’ve starting working with it and contributing to it. Everyone can take a little bit of ownership to an open source project.

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Community Contributors We Know & Love: The Nick Ruest Edition

5 years 11 months

If you're landing on this post, then you probably already know the strengths and challenges of an open-source approach to software development. With Islandora, we strive to maximize the strengths, and meet the challenges. But, let's face it - any open-source project can only ever be as good as its contributors.

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Islandora at APLA

5 years 11 months

Hey APLA bound Islandora users! You may want to check out the following Islandora-ish sessions at next week's conference:

Legislative documents, institutional repositories, and goat anatomy. What more could you ask for?

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