Islandora Interest Groups are those Islandora Community Members that come together around a particular topic relevant to the Islandora ecosystem. The purpose of the interest group is to provide a forum for information exchange, mentorship and development within a limited area of interest and to report findings, submit code, documentation, recommendations as appropriate to the Islandora Coordinating Committee on matters of wider interest relating to the area of expertise. Normally the interest group will be composed of a convener to manage the ‘business’ of the group and members of the community.

Guidelines for Islandora Interest Groups


  1. Any Islandora Community Members (ICM) can organize an interest group.
  2. An ‘official’ Islandora Interest Group (IIG) is one recognized by the Islandora Foundation, whereby ICM have submitted a proposal that includes a terms of reference for the IIG.
  3. An IIG will have a convenor that provides leadership and manages the ‘business’ of the IIG.
  4. An IIG’s terms of reference and membership will be published on the website.
  5. An IIG will report to the Islandora Coordinating Committee as appropriate.


  1. The Islandora Foundation can dissolve an IIG based on the recommendation of the Islandora Coordinating Committee.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference are established when an IIG is established. Terms of reference should include the following:

  1. The name of the interest group.
  2. The overall purpose of the interest group.
  3. Any specific directives defining goals and tasks.
  4. The interest group’s methods of operation.
  5. The reporting structure and mechanism, including time and method of reporting.


  1. IIG can self organize. The Islandora Coordinating Committee may establish IIGs and appoint conveners when necessary.
  2. IIG membership is open to interested Islandora Community Members. Those interested in participating in an IIG should message the convenor.
  3. The Project & Community Manager is an ex-officio member of all IIGs.

Convener responsibilities

  1. Initiating meetings or corresponding with members in order to carry out the interest group mandate as expressed in its terms of reference.
  2. Ensuring that their interest groups meet regularly.
  3. Establishing, in consultation with other members of the group, a programme and a realistic set of deadlines associated with the mandate of the committee/interest group.
  4. Preparing a budget indicating the need for financial assistance from the Islandora Foundation. This shall be submitted to the Project & Community Manager.
  5. Preparing and submitting reports/summaries of activities/source codes to the Islandora Coordinating Committee as frequently as desired / necessary.
  6. Maintaining a records of the IIG:
    1. The terms of reference of the IIG;
    2. Meeting notes and documents for the operations of the committee/interest group;
    3. The reports of the interest group.

Interest Group Member responsibilities

  1. IGMs are responsible for:
    1. Contributing toward fulfilling the terms of reference of the IIG.
    2. Responding promptly to requests or enquiries transmitted to them from the convener;
    3. Making every effort to attend meetings of the IIG;
    4. Fulfilling tasks assigned to them with dispatch and with due care and attention.

Islandora Foundation Responsibilities

  1. Provide a repository on GitHub for the Interest Group's activities
  2. Aid in promotion and recruitment for the Interest Group
  3. Provide additional support for the Interest Group's activities as approved by the Coordinating Committee.