Tell us what you want for Islandora 8 v1.2.0!

After releasing Islandora 8 1.0.0, we at the Islandora Foundation surveyed the community for what features folks wanted next.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a total of 76 responses, which is a large chunk of the 300+ Islandora instances that we know of.  In fact, it was a new record for one of our community surveys.  Because of such an amazing response, the community came together and delivered on several features from the survey, including 5 out of the top 10 most requested!  Now that those features have been released as version 1.1.0, we're back again to ask what you need from Islandora.

The format this time is similar, except we've added one more possible response per feature.  We're asking you to tell us one of four responses for each feature.

  1. My organization needs this feature to consider/continue using Islandora 8
  2. This feature is nice to have, but is not neccessary for my organization's current needs
  3. My organization do not care about this feature at all
  4. It's not exactly clear what this feature is

We've tried to group related features and describe them with as little tech speak as possible. And for each section of the survey, there's also a text area for you to suggest any other features we may have neglected. The poll will close on Friday, August 14th.  Once we've tallied the results, we'll publish an anonymized version of them here for the sake of transparency.   

The community's input is extremely important to us, so please take the time to fill it out if you can.  The responses to this survey will set development priorities for community sprints and build out our road map for the future.  If you are a user of Islandora 8, this is a chance to make your voice heard.  If you are evaluating Islandora 8, this is a chance to let us know what you would need before migrating. Please share this survey with your colleagues!  The more responses we get, the more accurate view we'll get of everyone's common needs.

You can fill out the survey here.  And thanks as always for being involved with our awesome community.  I know I say this every time, but we literally could not do this without you.