Release Notice for Islandora 7.x-1.10

We’ve rolled another lobster! Islandora 7.x-1.10 is hot off the presses (well, cooling a bit since yesterday), and is available

  • By checking out the 7.x-1.10 branches of all our Git repos*

  • or, as a Virtual Machine [1] (not to be used in production)

  • or, as individual downloads on the Release Notes and Downloads page [2].

* Except Tuque, which has release branch 1.10, and Islandora Drupal Filter, which if you’ve already installed you don’t need to update.



Requirements for Updating 

There are a couple of new things to watch out for when you’re updating to this release.

  • Islandora_altmetrics was replaced by islandora_badges. The altmetrics module is now provided as a sub-module of badges. If you use Islandora Altmetrics, do not pull your code, as that github repo has been deprecated. To update:

    1. Take note of your Islandora Altmetrics settings

    2. Uninstall Islandora Altmetrics (disable + uninstall and delete the module folder)

    3. Upgrade your code to 7.x-1.10, which now includes the islandora_badges module and its submodules.

    4. Run update.php (or drush updatedb and drush cc all) .

    5. Enable Islandora Badges and Islandora Altmetrics.

    6. Configure Islandora Altmetrics as desired.

You can also enable two new badges sub-modules, Scopus and Web of Science (which require subscriptions to their respective services).

  • A new version of OpenSeadragon is required. Version 2.2.1 is now required; you can download it from the link below [3] or use the included drush script, `drush openseadragon-plugin`.


Selected New Features and Improvements: 

We’ve got a lot of new great stuff in this release - see the release notes [4] for a full outline -  but here are some new features to be aware of.

  • Alphabetical facet sorting: You can now configure each Solr Facet to display its values sorted by label (alphabetically) instead of with the most frequent facet first (default).

  • Responding to checksums: Checksum Checker now calls a hook, so that other modules can respond to the result of checksum checking. See the new API file [5] for more details.

  • Rotate using OpenSeadragon. With the new version of OpenSeadragon (see above), you can now rotate images in the browser.

  • Compound thumbnails can be derived from the first child.

  • A variety of UX improvements by adding (or making available) more informative labels. There are too many to outline here, but they’re all in the release notes!

[4] [5]

Thank You! 

This has been another community-led release, and thanks to all the folks who contributed over the last six months either with code, documentation, or interest groups. This release was only possible thanks to you, our hard working 7.x-1.10 release team! Thank you for all your work auditing, documenting, testing, and maintaining:

  • Adam Vessey
  • Alan Stanley
  • Bayard Miller
  • Brandon Weigel
  • Brian Harrington
  • Bryan Brown
  • Caleb Derven
  • Carolyn Moritz
  • Charles Hunt
  • Dan Aitken
  • Danny Lamb
  • Devin Soper
  • Diego Pino
  • Don Richards
  • Janice Banser
  • Jared Whiklo
  • Jonathan Green
  • Jordan Dukart
  • Keila Zayas-Ruiz
  • Kim Pham
  • Kirsta Stapelfeldt
  • Mark Baggett
  • Mark Jordan
  • Matthew Miguez
  • Melissa Anez
  • Nat Kanthan
  • Neil Mader
  • Nelson Hart
  • Paul Cummins
  • Rachel Smart
  • Robert Waltz
  • Robin Dean
  • Robin Naughton
  • Rosie Le Faive
  • Scott Ziegler
  • Wilhelmina Randtke
  • Will Panting
  • William Conlin

And special thanks to Kim Pham, our Testing Manager; Don Richards, our Documentation Manager, and Janice Banser, our Auditing Manager.


Your Release Managers,

Rosie Le Faive and Diego Pino