Phasing Out PHP 5.3.3

Over the past few releases we have experienced an increased number of issues with Travis-CI and our PHP 5.3.3 builds. Currently, Travis-CI is failing on builds with PHP 5.3.3 and this is preventing community contributions from getting merged. Due to limited resources and dwindling interest within the community for maintaining such long term compatibility, the Technical Advisory Group has decided that PHP 5.3.3 will be moved to “allowed failure” status. Travis will no longer prevent code from getting merged if 5.3.3 fails, and we will still hang on to the builds for a bit to give any interested parties the chance to fix them. During the next release, if no one has stepped up to champion the cause, we will be removing PHP 5.3.3 from the testing matrix altogether.

If you are still on PHP 5.3.3, you are strongly urged to update your PHP version to at least 5.4 as soon as possible. For those remaining on PHP 5.3.3 after the next release, although it is likely that future releases will still work, we can no longer guarantee that breaking changes will not be introduced. For those who are brave and do run into this issue down the road, we have tagged most modules in the Islandora Github organization with a php5.3-eol tag, denoting the last point in time when PHP 5.3.3 compatibility was known. These tags do not represent a release, and have not been fully tested by the community. So _there are no guarantees_, but they are a courtesy we’re extending for those stuck on PHP 5.3.3 who want to update to something recent.

There are a few repositories that did not get a php5.3-eol tag due to the fact that they do not contain code or are forks of other people's code we minimally maintain. For the record, the following repositories do not have a php5.3-eol tag:

Soon you will see pull requests (such as this one) for every repository in Github to set PHP 5.3.3 to an allowed failure in Travis. Maintainers of modules in Islandora Labs are encouraged to do the same. We set up this Jira issue to track all of the pull requests so this makes it into the release notes. After all the pull requests are merged, it will be possible to accept community contributions again!

We would like to thank everyone for their patience in this matter. We know it is hard to watch PRs languish due to our workflow, and we feel we've come up with a reasonable solution to unlock contributions while also giving opportunities for those still on PHP 5.3.3 to act. Please feel free to respond to this thread if you have any questions about the impact of this decision and what it might mean to you or your organization.