Our campaign is over! The 7.x-1.12 Release is ready; time to level up

Congratulations, adventurers! Our campaign has drawn to a close. Great battles were waged and won against a swarm of bugs. Intrepid documentors have bravely explored and mapped our realm updated our READMEs. Powerful magics were wielded to indelibly alter the landscape in the form of new features. It was a great adventure, and our party has emerged victorious from the deep dungeons of code review, with the Release of Islandora 7.x-1.12!

Thanks to our heroic party of Auditors, Component Managers, Documenters, and Testers, our campaign has ended successfully and we may all retire to carouse in our local taverns, comfortable and safe - at least until the next Release arises. Your grateful Release Managers thank you for your tireless efforts toward fulfilling our quest. You have earned your hard-won XP.

Read the Release Notes, and then choose your path to upgrade or test the new release:

  • Check out the 7.x-1.12 branches of each Islandora Git repo (and Tuque branch 1.12) -- and do not mix and match branches, lest ye be cursed with errors;
  • Download a virtual machine; or
  • Download individual release packages as linked in the Release Notes

The new release boasts five new features, 14 improvements, and 16 bug fixes. Seal off your treasures with a new Drush utility for XACML, or expose them to the world with a new QDC metadata option for OAI-PMH! Use Solr to retrieve compound parts, as the gods intended, and forego the accursed triplestore! And our community’s scholarly sorcerers will marvel at a MASSIVE update to Islandora Scholar, which converts all of its hard-coded XPATHs to configurable variables!

We had one major blocker (Islandora XML Forms, Form builder schema update hook breaks deployment), which was discovered, discussed, reviewed, and fixed within a single day by the intrepid Jonathan Green and Diego Pino - a critical hit, and some of the fastest Islandoraing I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.

There are some 40 known issues remaining - some very old, some rather new, but none forgotten. Each will be warily watched until some brave Islandoran is ready to engage and strike it down.

If you get a chance, please take a moment to thank the volunteers that make up our heroic release team for their dedication and hard work:

  • Adam Vessey
  • Alan Stanley
  • Andrija Sagic
  • Bayard Miller
  • Benjamin Rosner
  • Brandon Weigel
  • Brian Harrington
  • Bridger Dyson-Smith
  • Bryan Brown
  • Caleb Derven
  • Carolyn Moritz
  • Cricket Deane
  • Daniel Aitken
  • Diego Pino
  • Don Richards
  • Janice Banser
  • Jared Whiklo
  • Jonathan Green
  • Jordan Dukart
  • Julia Yu
  • Keila Zayas Ruiz
  • Mark Jordan
  • Matthew Miguez
  • Melissa Anez
  • Michael Mohkamkar
  • Nat Kanthan
  • Nelson Hart
  • Paul Cummins
  • Peter MacDonald
  • Rachel Smart
  • Robin Dean
  • Rosie Le Faive
  • Scott Ziegler
  • Wilhelmina Randtke
  • William Panting

An extra-special thank you goes out to Janice Banser (Auditing Manager), Caroyln Moritz (Testing Manager) and Don Richards (Documentation Manager) for heeding the call to adventure and making our quest proceed more smoothly than any of us expected. We’d also like to thank those who trod the path before us, Rosie Le Faive and Diego Pino Navarro, for being bright lights to guide us through this dark dungeon.

Lastly, thank you to everyone in our ever-growing open source community for building, rebuilding, fixing, and using this wonderful, messy, and beautiful software that offers so many possibilities for so many of us. Please accept this new release, and use it, abuse it, and critique it well so that it might continue to grow ever better.

The adventure continues. Roll initiative!