Open Repositories 2011

What is the role of social interactions within repository technical communities in developing strong, distributed services and cyberinfrastructure to create open access to and preservation of our shared digital heritage? The Sixth Annual International Conference on Open Repositories (OR11) will address that question in Austin, Texas -- often billed as "The Live Music Capital of the World” --  from June 7-11, 2011, at the AT&T Conference Center. This popular conference will be hosted by the University of Texas and will feature general conference and user group sessions as well as workshops, poster sessions, minute madness and new kinds of sessions designed to bring everyone into this lively exchange of ideas.

Session: Make Your Own Islandora Repository - Installing and Working with Islandora

Tuesday, June 7th | 8:00am - Noon

Islandora is a digital asset management system that provides out-of-the-box repository solutions (Solution Packs) for a wide range of digital collections and research domains. Islandora combines the Drupal CMS and the Fedora repository software, together with additional open source applications, to deliver a wide range of functionality. Islandora’s architecture and design philosophy will be described using examples of production installations at UPEI and elsewhere. The proposed workshop will provide users with information about the Islandora software framework, and allow users to install the system in a Virtual Machine or EC2 image.  This session is intended for all audiences and levels. No prior knowledge of Islandora or repositories is required.

Attendees are encouraged to bring laptops for the installation component of the session. All software required for installation will be provided at the session on removable media. Laptops should be capable of running a VMWare environment and the Islandora software stack (e.g. minimum 2 GB RAM and 2+ GB free HD space.) If users wish, they can come with digital objects they would like to add (PDF or Image collections preferred) and describe in a repository, although sample collections will be provided.