A MODS2HTML Disseminator

A user on the Islandora Google Group  asked a question about how to output the MODS datastream of an object in HTML format.  We do this on an Islandora site - http://www.IslandImagined.ca.  There are many different approaches including the styling of Solr results. 

The other is to create a disseminator and you can review these two FOXML objects - a service deployment object and a service definition object - to get started.  One spot you'll want to change is the RELS-EXT of the service deployment object (islandora:mods2htmlSdep) and associate it with the appropriate content models that you have.

To change the display of your HTML you would update the XSL datastream of the islandora:mods2htmlSdep object.


Donald Moses
Digital Initiatives and Systems Librarian
Robertson Library
University of Prince Edward Island