Meet Your Developer: Jordan Dukart

Back in July we checked in with Alan Stanley for the first Islandora "Meet Your Developer" blog entry. It's time to meet another of the developers behind the project, discoverygarden Developer and prolific committer Jordan Dukart. If you were at Islandora Camp PEI this summer, you'll remember Jordan as the super helpful mentor in the Developer track who wandered the room making things work. If you missed camp, you may know Jordan from the phrase "Merge pull request from jordandukart," which appears a lot in our GitHub repos. Here's the man behind the pull requests: Please tell us a little about yourself. What do you do when you’re not at work? I got started programming scripting for a MUD way back in my early teens. I attended UPEI and earned a bSc in computer science after originating in the business program. Outside of work I've recently become obsessed with going to the gym. In-between protein shakes and brohugs I enjoy playing video games, reading and drinking a good brew. How long have you been working with Islandora? How did you get started? I begun working on Islandora during the 4th year computer science project at UPEI in January 2012. Our project focused around appending objects in Fedora to Drupal 6 nodes, somewhat similar to what the islandora_sync module does now. After I graduated I was hired on DGI and have been hacking and breaking core since May 2012. Sum up your area of expertise in three words: Makes things bettererer OR Breaks things sadpanda What are you working on right now? The fabled islandora_solr_metadata module and an all around refactor to how metadata is displayed on objects in Islandora core. Firstly, I feel the need to apologize for taking so long in actually completing this. After talking to the community at Islandora Camp 2012 it became pretty obvious that this was something that needed vast improvement. The outcome, in at least my opinion, is pretty awesome. It was designed to be easily overwritten and to not break any existing implementations. The new framework should provide a much easier way to display metadata on objects whether it be the standard Dublin Core, metadata pulled from Solr or through something completely written or overwritten by someone in the community for their own needs. Once it's merged into core I plan on making a more concise post detailing the new functionality on the mailing list. What contribution to Islandora are you most proud of? It's tough to narrow down one thing that I am most proud of. The Islandora XACML UI in Drupal 6 and the port of the module into 7 is something that stands out for me. Secondly, the initial front-end and back-end work on islandora_bookmark is another. I need to thank @DannyJoris for his help related to these two modules when I started out at DGI. He has a wealth of knowledge into Drupal and I learned so much from him. In terms of actual community use I hope that the new metadata display framework will be fully adopted and utilized by members of the community. What new feature or improvement would you most like to see? I'd love to see Islandora go in the more Drupal-y direction that the islandora_sync module puts it towards. Being able to utilize any more the plethora of Drupal contrib modules would be beneficial. From a developer perspective often we are attempting to code things ourselves as opposed to looking for an existing, community backed solution in Drupal. What’s the one tool/software/resource you cannot live without? I am a big fan of oXygen for those times when you are debugging an XSLT or playing with xpaths. Also, the Drupal devel module, specifically the stack tracing via krumo is so handy when debugging. If you could leave the community with one message from reading this interview, what would it be? We are still a fairly small community developer wise. I'd love to see more core contributors present themselves beyond the handful that we have right now. In that same vein, if you find a bug please report it in our JIRA or even better send us a pull request that fixes it! If you need any help, clarification understanding the core code or whathaveyou, feel free to poke the resources available on the mailing list or on the #islandora channel on freenode.