Islandoracon Workshops: We want your ideas

Islandoracon is coming!

Following the pattern we established with the first two Islandoracons, we're going to have one day during the main conference that's comprised of 90-minute workshops running in multiple tracks. Also following the first two, we're looking to you, the Islandora community and potential Islandoracon attendees, to tell us what kinds of workshops you want to see.
We have a table here where you can add your suggestions. A few weeks into 2019, we'll take these suggestions and turn them into a survey so the community can vote on some favorites. The Islandoracon Planning Committee will then to their level best to find the best possible instructors for the topics you choose.
Please give us a topic, a rough description of what you think the workshop would cover, and if you can, the level it should aim for and the platform (Islandora 7.x or Islandora CLAW) that you think should be covered.