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Islandoracon's Hack/Doc will take place May 15th, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm at McMaster University's Mills Library. Breakfast, lunch, and lots of coffee and tea will be provided.

 A Hack/Doc differs from a regular hackfest in its focus on a variety of skills beyond programming, including documentation, research, and testing. We also want to promote a lot of collaboration, with larger teams (8-10 people) gathered around a few topics. Finally, we want this to be an opportunity for the Islandora community to work with and contribute to Islandora CLAW while building tools and documentation that will genuinely move the project forward and help the broader community.

In keeping with all of these goals, we have three Islandora CLAW-based projects lined up, with light-to-nonexistant coding requirements:

1. Writing Islandora Claw basic user documentation like the "How To" pages for Islandora 7.x (

2. A Demo module in the style of the 7.x Porcus module model, made with Drupal 8 (

3. Write specifications/MVP needs for the Islandora Scholar module for CLAW.

Each team will start off with a "skills hour" where we go over tools and resources to accomplish the work (for example, working with markdown in GitHub for doing documentation, or an intro to RDF/linked data for speccing Islandora Scholar), so please don't hesitate to sign on for a topic that you know nothing about. Gaining new skills and knowledge is as much a part of the desired outcome as completing the projects themselves.

You can register for the hackfest here (it's a drop-down option at $49).

And give us additional information to help develop teams and projects here.

Big thanks go to the Islandora Collaboration Group for modelling this approach and helping us to bring it to Islandoracon.