Islandora Receives Major Grant Funding

Islandora was the recipient of major research funds this month, coming from 2 funded projects under ACOA's AIF (Atlantic Innovation Fund) initiative. DiscoverySpace, led by Mark Leggott, is a 3-year, $2.5 million project to build on Islandora's unique approach to research collaboration and data stewardship with the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) framework. The project will work with the larger open source community to build a rich ecosystem of tools for all research domains. In addition to enhancing the core Islandora software, the project will release dozens of specialized Sprouts, providing rich collaborative environments for a wide range of disciplines. The project will also work toward the development of a service entity that will provide support, hosting and custom development for external partners.

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Three innovative projects by UPEI researchers were awarded AIF funding on January 26. Shown here are recipients Mark Leggott, University Librarian; Dr. Don Reynolds, Dean of AVC, accepting on behalf of Dr. Chris Riley; and Dr. Anne Muckle, Clinical Bacteriologist. The Veterinary Laboratory Quality Assurance Program Expansion (VLA-QAP) is a project of the Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) led by C. Ann Muckle, AVC’s Lab Director of Diagnostic Services. AVC will develop software and systems for web-based delivery of impartial, objective, verification program for veterinary labs to verify and assure diagnosis. The project will use a special version of the Islandora software to deliver their services and resources in a unique online environment. As with the broader Islandora software, applications developed for this project (such as the virtual microscopy system) will be released as open source.