Islandora Online: Topics and Call for Proposals

Thank you very much to everyone who took part in our topics survey for Islandora Online. The topics will be:

Islandora 8 - General information and training

Metadata - Moving it, cleaning it up, and translating it into Islandora 8

Migrations - Moving into Islandora 8 from Islandora 7 and more

Institutional Repositories - Meeting IR needs with Islandora 8


Have something cool to share under these headings? Please send it in to our Call for Proposals: The CFP will be open until June 10.

Islandora Online will take the form of four online events, around four hours each, focused on a specific topic of interest to the islandora community, Each event will have a mix of presentations, panel discussion, and small group discussion, with some optional “social” components to break up the time. Regular sessions should be roughly 20 minutes (plus time for questions), Panels run for around 40 minutes, and Lightning Talks are five minutes each.

Islandora Online will be held over July 2020.