Islandora Foundation: New Members

The Islandora Foundation is funded entirely by support from our member organizations, so we are very grateful to announce that we are welcoming two new members: the University of Texas at Austin and Digital Echidna.

UT Austin has long been a major implementer of Islandora and engaged with the community. They join the Islandora Foundation as a Collaborator.

Digital Echidna is newer to the scene, but has already made a mark with the contribution of several modules to the Islandora community and sponsorship of Islandoracon. They join as Members.

These members, plus renewed commitments from our existing members, bring our Lobstometre up another few notches:

If your institution would also like to support Islandora and become more engaged with the community, please consider membership. You can also support Islandora as an Individual Member with a donation of your choosing.