Islandora 7.x-1.10 RC2 is ready!

Hot off the presses, a second release candidate to keep you cosy as the weather cools down. Or if you're in Atlantic Canada, hits record highs for no discernible reason. Climate change may have done in the dinosaurs, but lobsters won't go down without a fight (or at the very least, archiving and preservation protocols).

To update to this new RC:   Vagrant (if you want to start fresh and get new ascii art)
$ git pull
$ vagrant destroy
$ vagrant up
  Modules (if you don't want to destroy your VM) (do this in every module directory)
$ git fetch
$ git checkout 7.x-1.10
$ git pull
  Virtual Machine (if you can't be bothered with this Vagrant stuff): Download at: MD5 hash: IDqD3u0fpGy+9UquTmvOQA==  etag: 203a83deed1fa46cbef54aae4e6bce40   We've got one week left for testing/documenting: spreadsheet   Estimated release date: October 31, 2017   Many thanks to all the folks who've been contributing tickets and bug fixes and documentation and comments and pull request reviews - you are amazing.    Cheers,   Your Release Managers, Rosie Le Faive and Diego Pino