Islandora 7 Code Sprint

Fellow Islandorians:

Spring is here and summer's coming and that means things are blossoming and heating up development-wise within the Islandora community.

During the last two weeks of May a team of developers, testers, and technical writers will be gathering at the University of Prince Edward Island for an Islandora/Drupal 7 code sprint.

What does this means to the Islandora community? A few things:

  • Before the sprint a discussion is happening on the islandora-dev ( list about what we will be working on during this code sprint. We welcome everyone to join in the conversation. There are currently several threads going, one for each component.
  • If you are interested in helping out by testing / documenting / porting (eg. like porting one of the existing Solution Packs) after the code sprint, be sure to post on the islandora-dev mailing list or reply to this announcement, we would love to hear from you.
  • You may see a delay in responses to questions posted on the Islandora Google Group during the sprint. We're sorry about that, but we'd encourage the extended Islandora community to help with any questions they may be able to answer.
  • At the end of May we will have an Islandora/Drupal 7 module that includes Core, Solr integration, and XMLForms and during June we will be testing and polishing the new modules in preparation for release.

You can keep up-to-date on the code sprint team's progress by monitoring their code updates on Github (new code will be in a branch called 7.x in each repo) and tracking the blog at

If you've never attended an Islandora Camp (August 1-3, 2012) before it would be a great opportunity to connect with community members and get a preview of the latest Islandora developments. See for more information and to register.

Contact with questions.