EAD Viewer in Islandora

Adding basic storage/viewing for EAD objects

This post is in response to a thread about incorporating EAD into Islandora on the google groups - http://groups.google.com/group/islandora/browse_thread/thread/a3bdeee0fde6a046

Here's a quick Content Model Architecture (CMA) diagram that displays the connections and relationships between the files listed. For more information about CMA you may want to review this - http://fedora-commons.org/documentation/3.2/Content%20Model%20Architecture.html

There are probably other approaches for displaying an EAD datastream in Islandora, but this one uses a Fedora disseminator to transform the EAD xml into a web viewable HTML and is displayed in the Islandora framework by using an .inc file. I've attached a number of files to this post so that you try to replicate with your own fedora/islandora install.


Currently the only thing that the ead_viewer.inc file accomplishes is the display of the HTML version of the EAD in a tab in the Islandora interface.  The .inc file could be extended to by adding an ingest method (for adding new EAD records), by adding an EAD XML to DC transform to automatically update the default DC datastream if desired. You'll need to rename the file attached to this post from ead_viewer.inc.txt to ead_viewer.inc.


This is a sample collection object. Collection objects have a special status in Islandora. It has the following datastreams:

  • COLLECTION_VIEW (an xslt that transforms the results from an ITQL query)
  • COLLECTION_POLICY (defines the content models that the collection can use ... in this case the islandora:eadCModel)
  • QUERY (an ITQL query - plain text)
  • DC


This is the content model object that defines what happens to EAD records in the repository.  The ISLANDORACM datastream in content model defines that datastreams in the EAD objects, display and ingest methods, and a skeleton dc data entry form. The content model has the following datastreams:

  • DC


The EAD service deployment file contains the following datastreams:

  • DC
  • WSDL
  • XSL (the xslt that transforms the EAD XML to an HTML file)

Would be a good idea to have a look at each of the datastreams to see how they are connected.


The EAD service definition file contains the following datastreams:

  • DC


A sample EAD object ... simple ... only contains the following datastreams:

  • EAD (an xml file)
  • DC

another sample EAD object.

You can ingest the .xml objects into your repository and the .inc file into your Islandora implementation.