Community Contributor Kudos: Giancarlo Birello

Last month we wrote a little love letter for Nick Ruest and his many contributions to the Islandora community. This month we are hopping across the Atlantic to do another “CCK” (sorry) and talk about the work being done by Giancarlo Birello.

Giancarlo is the System and Network Manager at the CNR-Ceris IT Office, which serves about 400 users and provides help-desk and network services for research teams. With Giancarlo, they have deployed IPv6 protocol along local networks and a storage service based on a full open source solution and a virtualized infrastructure built on KVM open source software. He also serves as the regional reference for CNR network in Piedmont and Access Point Manager for GARR, the Italian member of Terena - the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.

Giancarlo started using Islandora a couple of years ago for the DigiBESS project, a repository serving the digitization of books, grey literature, and periodicals in the Piedmont Economics Area. As Giancarlo customized Islandora to the needs of DigiBESS, he gave those customizations back to the community via their dev site, including documentation of the fedora installation process, a step-by-step guide [PDF] to installing their full digital preservation infrastructure, and numerous other how-tos and examples.

More recently, Giancarlo has been at work in Islandora 7.x on a V2P2 repository for agriculture and food science, which has led to development on a relationship editor module (with a nod to Rosemary Le Faive’s earlier proof-of-concept module) to add relationships between objects in an easy and friendly way, based on a standard OWL ontology. With this module, related objects can be automatically listed while browsing a repository. A quick demo is online here.

Giancarlo joined us at our very first EU Islandora Camp and presented with DigiBESS colleague Anna Perin (watch it on YouTube). They also took home the coveted “Islandora Camp Mojo Award” and just generally contributed to making iCampEU a great experience.

You can find Giancarlo on the Islandora user and dev lists, on GitHub, on the CNR-Ceris developer page, and we sincerely hope, at future Islandora events in Europe.

Thank you, Giancarlo!

Giancarlo Birello
The Face of Islandora Camp Mojo