Community Announcement

As you know, the Islandora Foundation has recently updated its governance structure to remain compliant with Canadian non-profit regulations. Islandora Foundation members approved these changes at the Annual General Meeting in early March. A summary of these changes is provided here, as well as our emerging roadmap for moving forward.

A newly formed “Leadership Group”, composed of representatives from our Partner-level member organizations, replaces the pre-existing Board of Directors, and a smaller Board of Directors remains responsible for Islandora’s administrative and fiscal responsibilities. This Leadership Group met for the first time on Friday, March 26th to begin to discuss their goals going forward, and the ways the Leadership Group will interact with the other governance structures of the Islandora community. The Leadership Group immediately affirmed their commitment to transparent communication and collaboration with the vibrant, robust Islandora community and will be creating a Terms of Reference over the next month. The Terms of Reference will be written with agility and transformation in mind, as we work together to secure a strong future for both the community and codebase.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions regarding the formation of the Leadership Group, and stay tuned to hear more about the initial goals of this group.