Call for Documentors - Islandora 8 1.1.0

We're gearing up for our second release of Islandora 8, and that means we need to document and test all of the awesome new features we've collected in the past few months. We're starting with a documentation sprint from November 11th to 22nd, focusing on improving what we've already got and adding information on

  • Breadcrumbs
  • IIIF Manifests
  • Paged Content
  • Multi-Paged Openseadragon
  • Text Extraction
  • Plus anything else you think is missing!

You can sign up for the sprint here. And all you need to participate is a free Github account so you can edit our markdown files. Even if you don't have any experience with Github or Islandora 8, we're implementing a buddy system to show you the ropes. Every page of documentation will have someone on hand to explain the features we're documenting and help you navigate Github. So this can be a great way to learn while making meaningful contributions to the Islandora project.

Also the committment level is as much or as little as you can give. Just claim a page from our todo list and pick away at what you have time to handle. If you don't want to document but have some in-depth knowledge of the stack or some Github/markdown skills, please consider signing up to be a buddy. Each page needs one, and it's another way you can make a small but important contribution to the process. We're also open to suggestions and improvements, so if you know of a gap in our documentation, feel free to add pages to the list. We'll try to knock out as much as we can in two weeks to make Islandora 8 even better!