7.x-1.12: Roll initiative, for the RELEASE has arisen once again!

Hail, Islandorans! Heed the call to adventure!
As the brutal heat of the summer begins to fade, you find yourselves in a tavern, surrounded by the chatter of other Islandorans discussing Solr configs, new collections, and boasting about giant bugs bravely squashed. Suddenly, a dark shadow falls across the land. An imposing figure looms over the horizon: the dreaded Release has arisen again! Noble adventurers, are you brave enough to join forces and banish this ancient evil once and for all (or at least until the next release)?
Brandon Weigel and Bryan Brown, your trusted RMs (Release Managers), are preparing the ultimate open source campaign to test the mettle of even veteran release volunteers. There are plenty of open seats left at our table, and the party needs YOU to survive! Please choose from one of the following classes (multiclassing strongly encouraged):
  • Component manager
  • Tester
  • Auditor
  • Documentor
Last but not least, take a look at the tavern's jobs board to see what kinds of quests are still available. Remember, completing more quests gets you more experience points, and g̶o̶l̶d̶ kudos from your grateful community, so grab your sword and shield (or mouse and keyboard) and set a course for adventure!
With this announcement, the Islandora 7.x-1.12 campaign has officially begun. We plan to paralyze our foe in a Cone of C̶o̶l̶d̶Code Freeze on October 19. From there we battle its evil army of bugs, and finally send it to the shadow realm on November 30 - although experience has taught us that evils such as this are rarely beholden to mortal timetables…
So make haste, brave heroes! Step up, fill out your quest log, and join the 7.x-1.12 Release Team!