7.x to CLAW Migration Sprint - Call for Volunteers

Have you ever been interested in Islandora CLAW, but thought to yourself "How the heck am I going to get my data into this thing?" We at the Islandora Foundation want to provide an answer to that question, but we're gonna need your help to pull it off. We're seeking community contributions as we scope, design, and implement a basic migration from Islandora 7.x to CLAW using Drupal's Migrate ecosystem. And yes, with the help of the Metadata Interest Group, we're going to do what was previously unthinkable... Migrate. MODS. (cue dramatic music)

We're looking to start planning and scoping in late July, with the work to take place on the weeks of August 20th and 27th. If you or your organization is interested in helping us provide a migration path from 7.x and get some valuable hands on experience with CLAW, please add yourself to our signup sheet. We need developers, end users to test and run migrations, as well as example files and metadata to work on. And if you are considering moving to CLAW and want to learn more about how we model content, map RDF, or use Drupal Migrate, you should definitely drop into the meetings and check things out. As always, lurkers welcome.

iCampHRM has a Logo!

We are proud to unveil the latest in our line of Islandora Camp t-shirt logos: iCampHRM:

Now, why crows? Come to the camp and you may well find out. MSVU's beautiful, habour-facing campus is a popular spot for the clever birds, as seen here:

Registration is still open, so come join us July 18 - 20 for some Islandora CAW!

Islandora 225

Near the end of last year we announced that our installations map had hit 200 sites. Today we get to bump that up to 225*! Let's have a look at some of the new additions:

The Library Company of Philadelphia

The Library Company of Philadelphia is an independent research library concentrating on American society and culture from the 17th through the 19th centuries. Free and open to the public, the Library Company houses an extensive non-circulating collection of rare books, manuscripts, broadsides, ephemera, prints, photographs, and works of art.  

Amherst College

Although they don't yet have a public Islandora site, Amherst College is actively installing and testing Islandora CLAW to use in their next version of their Amherst College Digital Collections site, and have shared their notes about how they are doing it now, and how they're working with Islandora CLAW.  


New to our list but not new to Islandora, Lib4RI is also a new member of the Islandora Foundation. Based in Switzerland, they are the library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL. As a scientific library, they support these institutes with literature and technical information for research, teaching and consulting. Lib4RI is also one of the newest members of the Islandora Foundation.   * Okay, if you check right now, it's 226. The list is growing slightly faster than we're publishing blogs about it :)  

New Partner: University of North Carolina Charlotte

The Islandora Foundation welcomes another new Partner this week: the University of North Carolina Charlotte. A longstanding Islandora site, UNCC is probably best known in our community through the efforts of developer Brad Spry, an expert in deploying Islandora on Amazon Web Services, and the architect of some very slick front-end interface tools to make ingest more appealing to archivists. UNCC's Goldmine repository features digitized oral history interviews and other materials documenting the history and culture of the area.

As a Partner in the Islandora Foundation, UNCC will be able to nominate representatives to our Board of Directors and Coordinating Committee. To learn more about the benefits of membership, please check out our Membership section.

I find your lack of faith disturbing: Islandora 7.x-1.11 is out, and yes, those are the VMs you're looking for!

Ta da! (Sound) 

Islandora 7.x-1.11 is here, not born from Midi-chlorians in some forgotten and dangerous (desert) planet, but from your own pursuit of intergalactic repository awesomeness through old fashioned work and effort, well done gold leaders!

In your quest to perfect the ancient art of code review mind tricks (where the subject finally addresses your concerns, defeated but willing, because it can’t remember where or when everything started!) or your need to find the perfect wording that brings that fallen README.md back into the light, (with matching screenshots of course), you all have managed to beat the odds, save the day, tame the killer alien bugs, close some Jira tickets and hide others behind impenetrable blast doors, defeat the dark empire of closed repository systems (or at least push it back for another 6 months!) and make it alive for another sequel. You are all amazing open source heroes and make us all feel like squishy bear-like characters from some forgotten moon full of trees ready to party all night long, now that our rebellion, the rebellion against closed code, pay walls, opaque and impenetrable roadmaps, forced migrations and bad taste in UI succeeded once more!

For those of you who ask yourself “what is all this nerdy thing of who-cares-film references release managers are giving us”, live with it (no offence intended). Because what matters, the code, the docs, are good, so good and release was delivered!. Also, we do our best to match release narrative with T-Shirt themes. Everyone else, enjoy the T-Shirts and VM ascii art too! We are so proud and grateful of what you have accomplished here. There is no release, there is no moving forward and no community (or light-speed travel!) without you. You are the pilots and the crew of this ship and even if difficult to see, always in motion is the future, looks like we are still heading in opposite direction of the Sun(s)!

To upgrade or simply test this release:

 - Read the Release Notes (really, now!), stuff like Islandora Badges deprecated islandora_oaDoi and replaced it with unpaywall. So go, read it!
 - Check out the 7.x-1.11 branches of all our Git repos* (or the ones you use really). Remember mix and match is not a good idea and leads to fear and hate, etc.
 - For Tuque, checkout the 1.11 Branch (tuque loves to be the special one
 - Spin one of our Virtual Machines  (The Cantina is also serving a IIIF Cantaloupe flavoured one!)
 - Or go the old fashioned path to enlightenment and download individual release packages found the Release Notes and Downloads page  or in each Git repos*’s release tab.

Note: Islandora Drupal Filter (Version 7.1.11) has its own, Java (not the hooded scavengers..those are with a “w") semantic like, versioning. Feel free to upgrade if you like complete-ness, but no change has happened there since our last release so keeping your 7.1.10 in place is safe.

All new 5 new features and 32 improvements are amazing and game changing!

From “manage your orphaned Objects”, crafted by Brandon to much more and better IIIF Image API integration for our viewers from Jon, to shiny things like a new Cyborg/techno upgrade for Creative Commons XML Forms elements coded by d-r-p (now with a lot of more options and actually working!) or Access Control for inactive Objects by Rosie or the cool redirect to first Child (it is hard to be the oldest child!) for compounds by Lucas from Leiden or what about Solr for newspaper retrieval from Jared!. There is something for everyone! Please give the improvements and the new features list a look, then print, frame and hang over your desk.

On the loud space explosion side of thing (yep.. sound in vacuum)

We had a blocker (Islandora OAI Importer was messing with your MODS[5]) and that blocker was defeated by a group of courageous islandora fleet members and Blue leader Bryan Brown. To be honest, i have never ever seen so many pull request comments, 139, in my long long life. Our respects to all people involved. There is a Drush script there that you will have to run if you ever triggered a DOI import that contained HTML. See
drush -u 1 islandora-scholar-fix-doi-html-in-mods and of course the release notes.

Gracias, Muchas Gracias!

Well, you know. Thanks for making Islandora, over and over again. Thanks for using it and breaking it, thanks for not leaving us for a bad and expensive other systems, thanks for sharing your use cases and making questions, for being explicit about your needs and thanks for being around. Especially thanks for all those who spend hours of their last months trying to fix, document, test and understand what this system, this community and these releases are all about. This is your show, enjoy it. 

If you could not be part of our release Team this time, it is ok, We know who you are and were you live and we will we waiting for 7.x-1.12. In the meantime, please take a moment and say "thank you" to one (or more than one) of our volunteers that worked on 7.x-1.11. They deserve a hug also.

• Adam Vessey
• Alan Stanley
• Andrija Sagic
• Bayard Miller
• Ben Companjen
• Brandon Weigel
• Brian Harrington
• Bryan Brown
• Caleb Derven
• Carolyn Moritz
• d-r-p
• Devin Soper
• Diego Pino
• Don Richards
• Giancarlo Birello
• Janice Banser
• Jared Whiklo
• Jon Green
• Jordan Dukart
• Keila Zayas-Ruiz
• Kim Pham
• Marcus Barnes
• Mark Jorda
• Martha Tenneyn
• Matthew Miguez
• Nat Kanthan
• Paul Cummins
• Peter MacDonald
• Rachel Smart
• Robert Waltz
• Robin Naughton
• Rosie Le Faive
• Will Panting
• Yamil Suarez

And done. See you next time. Enjoy, rest i must.

PS: Oh, final quotes: “Always pass on what you have learned.”  and “Do or do not. There is no try.”  Pretty sure Yoda was into open source.

D & R & M 

New Partner: the Islandora Collaboration Group

The Islandora Foundation is pleased to announce that one of our Collaborator member institutions is becoming a Partner: the Islandora Collaboration Group.

Most members of this consortium are liberal arts colleges in the eastern United States, but the organization has grown beyond its initial region and welcomes new members. They have spearheaded the development of Islandora Enterprise (ISLE), a tool designed to significantly ease the process of installing and maintaining Islandora, and have expanded their development efforts to include the LASIR project, which will extend and improve Islandora's services as an institutional repository.

In addition to many contributions by its members to Islandora releases, camps, and community support on the listserv, the ICG introduced the concept of the 'hack/doc' to the Islandora conference, modelled on their own successful bi-annual internal hack/docs.

Current members of the ICG include:

  • Barnard College
  • Colgate University
  • Five College Compass: Digital Collections
    • Hampshire College
    • Mount Holyoke College
    • Smith College
  • Grinnell College
  • Hamilton College
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Vassar College
  • Wesleyan University
  • Williams College

As a Partner in the Islandora Foundation, the ICG has nominated David Keiser-Clark to our Board of Directors. Based at Williams College, David serves on the steering committees for both ISLE and LASIR, and has been a member of the Islandora Coordinating Committee since 2017. 

New Member: Lib4RI

The Islandora Foundation is very happy to announce that Lib4RI will be joining us as a Member in the Foundation.

Based in Switzerland, they are the library for the Research Institutes within the ETH Domain: Eawag, Empa, PSI & WSL.  As a scientific library, they support these institutes with literature and technical information for research, teaching and consulting.

New Collaborator: Leiden University

The Islandora Foundation is very pleased to announce that Leiden University Libraries has joined us as a Collaborator. 

Leiden University Libraries is a longtime user of Islandora, with some amazing customized ingest tools behind their digital collections. They have been active particpants at Islandora Camps, including an upcoming session at iCampEU18 about thier Conditional Access Rights module.

Seeking Expressions of Interest for Islandoracon 2019

The Islandora Foundation is seeking Expressions of Interest to host the 2019 Islandoracon.

The first Islandora Conference was held in August, 2015 at Islandora’s birthplace in Charlottetown, PE. For our second conference, we took the event to Hamilton, ON and more than 100 Islandorians came out to join us. In 2019 we will hold our third Islandoracon, and we're looking for a place.

If you would like to host the next Islandoracon please contact community@islandora.ca with your response to the following by July 20th 2018:


The host must cover the cost of the venue (whether by offering your own space or paying the rent on a venue). All other costs (transportation, catering, supplies, etc) will be covered by the Islandora Foundation. The venue must have:

  • Space for up to 150 attendees, with room for at least two simultaneous tracks, and additional pre-conference workshop facilities, with appropriate A/V equipment. Laptop-friendly seating a strong preference.
  • Wireless internet capable of supporting 150+ simultaneous connections, at no extra charge for conference attendees.
  • A location convenient to an airport and hotels (or other accommodations, such as student housing)
  • A local planning committee willing to help with organization

The host is not responsible for developing the Islandoracon program, pre-conference events, sponsorships, or social events, but their input is certainly valued.

The EOI must include:

  • The name of the institution(s)
  • Primary contact (with email)
  • Proposed location, with a brief description of amenities, travel, and other consideration that would make it a good location for the conference.
  • A proposed time of year. We do not have a set schedule, so if there is a season when your venue is particularly attractive, the conference dates can move accordingly.

The location will be selected by the Islandoracon Planning Committee, a working group of the Islandora Coordinating Committee.

If you have any questions about hosting Islandoracon, please don't hesitate to ask

iCampHRM Instructors Announced

Islandora Camp is going to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia from July 18 - 20, 2018. We'll be holding our standard three day camp, with two days of sessions and one day of hands-on training from experienced Islandora instructors. You can register for the camp and find out more here. We are very pleased to announce that the instructors for our training workshop will be:

Melissa Anez has been working with Islandora since 2012 and has been the Community and Project Manager of the Islandora Foundation since it was founded in 2013. She has been a frequent instructor in the Admin Track and developed much of the curriculum, refining it with each new Camp.

Kim Pham is a librarian at the University of Denver. From 2014-2018 she worked at the University of Toronto Scarborough Library and was responsible for analysing system requirements, providing technical support and training and product management in the Digital Scholarship Unit. Kim has been part of the Islandora community since 2014, participating in release teams, interest groups, and is a committer for Islandora 7.x.

Daniel Lamb has his B.Sc. in Mathematics and has been programming since before he could drive. He is currently serving as the Islandora Foundation's Technical Lead, and hopes to promote a collaborative and respectful environment where constructive criticism is encourage and accepted. He is married with two children, and lives on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. If he had free time, he'd be spending it in front of his kamado style grill.

Bryan J. Brown has been a member of the Islandora community since 2014 when he started working at Florida State University Libraries as their Repository Developer and began a project to migrate their Digital Commons IR to Islandora. Bryan is a committer and co-convener of the IR and DevOps Interest Groups, and this is his first camp as an instructor. His interests include (but are not limited to) repository workflows and analytics, user experience, project management, and dogs.