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Islandora CLAW Install Sprint Starts Today

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[Edited to add some later additions to the team]


A small but mighty dream team of Islandora CLAW contributors answered our call for stakeholders and are now coming together over the next two weeks to work on the first official Islandora CLAW Sprint of 2017.

The team:

  • Danny Lamb (Islandora Foundation)
  • Bryan Brown (Florida State University)
  • Jared Whiklo (University of Manitoba)
  • Adam Soroka (Smithsonian Institution)
  • Natkeeran Kanthan (University of Toronto Scarborough)
  • Marcus Barnes (University of Toronto Scarborough)
  • Jonathan Green (LYRASIS)
  • Diego Pino (Metropolitan New York Library Council)
  • Rosie Le Faive (University of Prince Edward Island)
  • Brian Woolstrum (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Yamil Suarez (Berklee College of Music)
  • Gavin Morris (Born-Digital)

The goal: a modular installation process that meets the following criteria:

  • Capable of supporting multiple operating systems
  • Supports Vagrant, bare metal, and eventually Docker containers
  • Can be used for both all-in-one installs as well as more complex setups involving multiple servers
  • Can be used to maintain/update existing installations as the CLAW codebase evolves
  • Is well documented

Ansible has been identified as the dev/ops tool that fits best with these goals, and over the course of several sprints the existing claw_vagrant codebase will be adapted into an Ansible based solution. You can follow their work with this project in Github or by staying tuned for more updates here.

CLAW Install Sprints: Call for stakeholders

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The Islandora Foundation is seeking volunteers for stakeholders in our first community sprint geared towards creating an Ansible based installation for CLAW.  Please see this short document for more information outlining what we hope to accomplish during the sprint and what is expected of stakeholders.

We're scheduling the work for the weeks of August 21st and 28th, just before Labour Day.  If you or your organization is interested in helping us offer an improved installation process while gaining valuable experience working with Islandora CLAW, please add your name to the signup sheet.

Islandora CLAW: Check out the MVP Sandbox!

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At Open Repositories 2017 in Brisbane, Australia, the Islandora project unveiled a brand new sandbox site where you can take Islandora CLAW for a test drive, with a few test collections and theming set up by our awesome Islandora UI Interest Group. Check it out at and login with:

  • User: sandbox
  • Pass: Cl@wS@ndb0x

This sandbox is, like Islandora CLAW itself, still something of a work in progress, so you can expect to see new functions and configurations appear over the next few weeks, and a lot of changes to come as we work with the community to determine development priorities post-MVP (for more background on that process, check out the CLAW FAQ). But for now, please come in and kick the tires and get a feel for Drupal 8 with Fedora 4. Please let us know about bugs, improvements, and new features you'd like to see by filing an issue in GitHub (not sure how? check out for instructions).

Some differences you'll notice from the old Islandora:

  • "Add Content" - just like you're making a Drupal page. There is no special menu to add new Islandora objects in CLAW. Add them from any part of the site and indicate the parent, instead of having to navigate to the collection you want the object created in.
  • Your objects are nodes. Don't like the standard collection view? Go ahead and use Drupal Views to build whatever you like.
  • No XML Form Builder. Want to edit your metadata forms? You can use the regular Drupal form builder for each content type to add and edit fields, manage displays, and even map fields to RDF.

A few known issues that aren't quite as we'd like them yet:

  • Derivative creation is still being developed, so you have to add your own thumbnails and medium-sized files.
  • You can only use jpegs for the MEDIUM_SIZE datastream. This is a quick fix, but it didn't quite make it into the sandbox, so expect to see this corrected in the near future.

We will periodically wipe and restore the sandbox, so don't put anything there that you want to keep. If you would like your own enduring copy of Islandora CLAW to play with, you can build your own virtual machine with the Islandora CLAW Vagrant.

You can see slides from the sessions where we launched the next phase of CLAW here:

Islandora CLAW Calls: Alternating Schedule Starts this Week

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This is just a reminder that this week will mark the first time we're using our alternating schedule for CLAW Calls, alternating between 9:00 AM EST to 1:00 PM EST each week, so that we can welcome Islandora users from more time zones. This week's meeting will be at 9:00AM EST on July 12th. Agenda here.

If this is your first CLAW Call (or your first CLAW Call in a while), don't worry. We'll start with a long recap and update to get you up to speed. We hope to see you there!

Islandora at Open Repositories 2017

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Next week the Open Repositories conference in Brisbane, Australia will begin. Islandora will be there, with an exhibit table where you can stop by to chat and pick up the latest and greatest in laptop stickers, an electronic poster in the Cube, and several sessions that may be of interest to our community:

For the full schedule and more information about the conference, check out the Open Repositories 2017 website.


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