1. Albion College
  2. Andrews University
  3. Biblioteca do Ministério da Fazenda no Rio de Janeiro (BMF/RJ)
  4. Boston College
  5. Botanical Research Institute of Texas
  6. British Columbia Institute of Technology
  7. Broughton Archipelago Monitoring Plan (BAMP)
  8. California Historical Society
  9. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  10. Camosun College
  11. Capilano University
  12. Carleton University
  13. City of Hope
  14. College of St. Scholastica
  15. Danmarks Tekniske Informationscenter - Technical Information Center of Denmark
  16. E-pistemetec Project
  17. Frostburg State University
  18. Ghent University
  19. Hagley College
  20. Hampshire College
  21. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)
  22. Maastricht University
  23. MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan)
  24. Marmot Digital Repository
  25. National Agriculture Library, USDA
  26. National Library of Medicine
  27. National University of Ireland, Galway
  28. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation
  29. Oakridge National Laboratory
  30. Oregon State Library
  31. Selkirk College
  32. Shang Shung Institute - Italy
  33. Simon Fraser University
  34. Smith College
  35. Smithsonian
  36. Trinity Western University
  37. UNED, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
  38. University of Pittsburgh
  39. University of Vermont
  40. US Geological Survey
  41. Zuse Institute Berlin

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