Islandora is an open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage, and discover digital assets using a best-practices framework.  Islandora was originally developed by the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library, but is now implemented and contributed to by an ever-growing international community.

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New to Islandora: The Technical Advisory Group

3 weeks 4 days

Along with our recent shift to calling the Islandora Roadmap Committee the Islandora Coordinating Committee comes another addition to our governing structure: the Islandora Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

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DuraSpace Migration/ Upgrade Survey: Call for Participation

1 month 10 hours

From Erin Tripp, Business Development Manager at Duraspace:

I’m collecting anecdotes from people who have undertaken a migration or a major upgrade in the recent past. I hope to collect stories about how the project went, what resources were used or developed during the process, and whether it turned into an opportunity to update skills, re-engage stakeholders, normalize data, re-envision the service, etc.

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It's the 7.x-1.10 Code Freeze!

1 month 2 days
Hello, collaborators,
As of yesterday night / this morning, we have officially frozen code for the 7.x-1.10 release. This means:
  • Any bug fixes or documentation tickets now need two pull requests, one on the 7.x branch and one on 7.x-1.10. 
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